Street Glide Horn Tweeter & Speaker Grill Kit - 2014+

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This kit allows you to add a Diamond Audio MO75T horn (the best horn out there) to your Street Glide

This kit will work in combination with most all pro audio type 6.5" mid woofers but is not intended to be used with coaxial or other car audio type speakers. The clearance between the 6.5" woofer in the speaker pod and the back side of the tweeter horn is very close. So we do not make any guarantees of fitment with your mid woofer if you choose not to use the Diamond Audio MSPRO65.


Parts Included

  • Diamond Audio MO75T Horns 
  • Stamped steel speaker grills, powder coated satin black
  • CNC machined horn mounting rings
  • Tweeter quick disconnect wire harness
  • 12db crossover networks 
  • Stainless fasteners for grills and horns