Rear Harley Speaker Wire Harness for Saddlebags with Quick Disconnects

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Note: This harness is for adding speakers to your bags only. If you would like to add an amplifier to your bag this is the wrong product.

Perfect for adding speakers to saddlebags

This plug & play three piece harness adds speaker wire runs from the front fairing of the bike to each saddlebag. The kit comes complete with stainless wire inlets that keep water out and clamp the cable in place. Each saddlebag input section of the harness has waterproof quick disconnects that are rated for more than 1,500 watts of insane amplifier power on each pin! 

Ready to Drop in Place

Each harness is already loomed, heat shrunk, terminated, color coded, and labeled. Designed specifically for Harley Baggers, this harness is a fast and easy install. The main harness that runs the length of the bike is wrapped in premium black braided nylon all the way up to the fairing end with an extra 2 feet of length so that it will reach any position inside the fairing. 

Up to Eight Channels

Available as a 2 channel, 4 channel, 6 channel, or an 8 channel configuration, this harness can support up to four separate speaker lines into each bag.

Wire Clamp

Stealthy Factory Appearance 

Once installed, the connections and wire runs are totally hidden out of sight. Made in the USA, this kit comes with a bullet proof 5 year warranty.  


If you have any questions about configuring one of our harnesses or if you need a custom setup, feel free to contact us 1(916) 823-5256.  

Note: Designed for use with aftermarket amplifiers and speakers. Not plug and play with OEM Harley radios, amplifiers, or speakers.