2014+ Harley Plug & Play Signal Adapter for Aftermarket Amplifiers

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Plug & Play

This is the simplest and best way to get signal from your factory Harley radio when installing an aftermarket amplifier.


2014 & Up Harley Street glide, Electra glide, Ultra Glide, and 2015 & Up Road Glide

Note: this unit is intended to be used with aftermarket amplifiers only. Will not work with the factory amplifier(s). This is not a high to low converter. This unit outputs speaker level audio signal with an RCA type connector. Most all modern amplifiers for use with motorcycle applications are designed to accept speaker level input at the RCAs. Be sure to verify that your amplifier has this feature. If not, a high to low level adapter must be used in conjunction with this part. Call if you have any questions about this. We can verify for you that your amplifier does or does not have speaker level inputs if you are not sure. 

This kit connects to the front signal harness of the factory Harley radio with plug & play connectors and outputs to your aftermarket amplifier or DSP. Includes an integrated circuit that balances the factory Harley radio outputs. This results in a much wider volume range without the distortion that you would otherwise end up with. This is a far more superior audio connection than a high to low level converter when used with an amplifier or sound processor that accepts high level input (most all modern amplifiers). 

Radio Flash & DSP

It is highly recommended that you either have your radio flashed by an independent bike shop with the proper equipment or you use one of our digital sound processors in conjunction with this part. The factory Harley radio is programmed from the factory with a radical EQ curve that is not friendly for aftermarket speakers and amplifiers.  

We Have Simplified This Process

By offering a Rockford Fosgate sound processor bundled with this product that has a pre-programmed counter EQ for the Harley radio. This eliminates the need for you to have your bike flashed. You can find these kits here.

Additional Speaker Pod Connectors

This kit also optionally comes with the connectors that mate to your fairing speaker pods. This way you can connect your aftermarket amplifier directly into your fairing speaker pods without any cutting or splicing into the bike's wire harnesses. We always recommend using speaker pod connectors along with our signal adapters.

Note: If you are purchasing this item for rear signal to an amplifier you will not need the optional speaker pod connectors. Speaker pod connectors are only used for front fairing applications. 

Front or Rear Signal

This kit comes ready to plug directly into the front signal harness of the factory radio on all Harley touring bikes. Optionallywe offer a rear signal adapter that plugs in and converts this adapter to fit the 4 pin connector that Harley uses for the rear channels on 4 channel bikes. 

If you need both front and rear signal, add the front adapter to cart without any other options, Then come back and add another to cart for the rear and be sure to select the rear signal option. 

Rear channel tech info

Harley Rear Speaker Plug

All two channel bikes (90% of all bikes sold) have a rear speaker output connector located behind the factory radio. This plug however is dead (no signal) unless the radio is programmed for 4 channel output. 

Programming for Rear Channel Output Tips

Harley has many many radio configurations that can be flashed to the radio by the dealership or an independent bike shop. The factory Harley flashing system that all Harley dealerships have is capable of flashing your bike for 4 channel output but that is not our first recommendation because none of the Harley configurations are designed for aftermarket amplifiers. There are a series of limitations to the factory flash system. Our recommendation is to find a shop that has the Technoresearch brand flash tool. This is the most popular tool on the market and many Harley dealerships have it as well. So we suggest that you inquire with your local dealership and bike shops to find your best local source. 

Once you do find a local source to have your bike flashed

Technoresearch has a number of flashes that their software offers. These flashes are all supplied to them by a number of aftermarket amplifier manufactures. Of all of the flashes that are offered by Technoresearch we recommend using the one from Rockfod Fosgate. This particular flash has a friendly EQ curve for aftermarket amplifiers and speakers. It also enables rear speakers, front to back fader (not all flashes do), bass and treble controls, and speed dependent volume feature.