How to Install

Dyna Tunes

Install Instructions Overview

It was very important for us to make the install as easy as possible so our customers can enjoy their systems immediately. Please be sure to follow install instructions as failure to do so may result in inaccurate and unsafe installs.


  1. Make sure the ignition is off.

  2. Remove your fairing.

  3. Remove your seat.

  4. FOR 2018+ MODELS – Run your ground (black) directly to your battery, and power

    (red) to your starter stud (1/2” Nut, accessible from the right side of bike).

  5. Remove battery cover. Phillips head screwdriver may be needed.

  6. Disconnect battery. Start with the ground (black) then power (red).

  7. Remove the battery and safely set aside. FOR 2018+ Models, just disconnect the

    negative terminal and move aside.

  8. Remove the battery box. Two (2) Torx screws on the top mounting to the frame and

    one (1) inside the box. Safely set aside.

  9. Remove the rear tank bolt and nut. Visible once seat is removed.

  10. Locate your starter. Your main power wire from the battery will be connected to your

    starter .

  11. Remove the nut on the starter power mount and install your Dyna Tunes power wire.

  12. Locate your ground (on the frame near the rear fender). Your main ground from the

    battery will be connected to this ground station.

  13. Remove the nut on the ground station and install your Dyna Tunes ground wire (black).

    FOR 2018+ ground direct to battery.

  14. Locate your trigger wire. For 2017 and down, your connector (black) will be under the

    seat, on the rear fender, plugged into a dead cap. Connector will have (3) wires into it:

    Black, green, red with yellow stripe.

  15. For 2018 + your connector (black) will be in the fuse box (left side cover) plugged into a

    dead cap. Connector will have (2) wires into it: Black, red with yellow stripe.

  1. Lift the rear of the tank and slide your power and ground wire under the tank towards the front right of your motorcycle.

  2. Place your Dyna Tunes sound system in your fairing.

  3. Fasten and secure your system using the provided mounts and bolts.

  4. Install your fairing with your Dyna Tunes System already secured into your fairing.

  5. Connect your Dyna Tunes system to your Dyna Tunes power wires using the Delphi

    Weather Pack Connector.

  6. Reinstall your battery box, battery and seat.

  7. Turn on your ignition and pair your device to your Dyna Tunes sound system. See

    Bluetooth unit pairing instructions.

  8. Once paired, safely enjoy your Dyna Tunes sound system!


Please obey all rules of the road. We do not recommend playing your system at levels which prevent you from hearing sirens or to be heard from over 50ft away. Your system will provide great sound quality which is intended to be safely enjoyed!

Common issues

If your system is not fitting properly, please make sure to adjust your fairing brackets to be even on all sides. This can be a quick fix by adjusting the nut and bolt on the bracket.

If you’re having pairing issues, please refer to the provided Bluetooth Unit instructions booklet. If your LED remote (Added option) isn’t working, replace the battery with CR2025.
Bluetooth feedback is common. Once paired with music playing, feedback will eliminate.